Artist Ellen Hegg

Ellen Hegg is a Norwegian born artist based both in Norway and Spain.

She has several years of education in fine arts. She has also many years experience of teaching visual art. She is known for her unique self developed technique, which involves coffee and ink.

She is featured in numberous Norwegian galleries and has had several solo exhibitions, as well as a considerable amount of participations in different group exhibitions around the world.

Such as; Louvre in Paris, Art Biennale in Sicily and Art Biennale in Barcelona.She has also been represented by InArte WerkKunst Gallery in Berlin, Mad Gallery in Milan and Rio Gallery in New York. In addition to this, Ellen Hegg has recived awards for her works, both in Milan and New York. Award- winning artist Ellen Hegg’s unique painting and drawing technique is exploring; some of her works reveal aspects of realism while in others are abstract representations of her surroundings.

Hegg experiments with a variety of materials that are not so popular nor traditional, breaking barriers and giving room to her carefree creative genius. Her works involve the use of coffee and ink, bister, and materials hardened by Mixit-Art. Hegg uses realism to present contemporary modern issues.

In her pieces, she directly addresses audiences to find healthy ways of managing stress, in some cases , by using an abstract expression to experiment with various media and color schemes.

Her works evoke joy and harmony as she takes her audience through multiple narratives, highlighting the values of love in various dynamics.

A red heart can be considered a signature statement of hers found in every piece, as the Universal traveling message.

She is represented in several galleries in Norway, her home country.

+47 988 65 969